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What Does the “Restart” Look Like for Pink and Other Colored Diamonds?

As the world tries to navigate through the pandemic, there is a raging debate occurring between maintaining health and restarting the economy.

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Colored Diamond Scarcity
Only 1 in 10,000 diamonds are colored diamonds. Only 1 out of 10 colored diamonds are pink. So finding a pink is 1 in 100,000

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Our Top Alternative Investment Picks for 2020

Our Top Alternative Investment Picks for 2021

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Investing in Pink Diamonds During Times of Economic Uncertainty

The Coronavirus outbreak has presented governments, business owners, and the rest of us for that matter, with a very significant …

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Diamond Investing

Pink Diamonds

Pink Diamonds: A Safe-Haven for Investing

As investors in colored diamonds, it is indeed true that this year has been filled with tremendous change but in many ways, that was to be expected …

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Should I Invest In Loose Or Set Colored Diamonds?

This post has been updated for 2019 When we think of buying a colored diamond, our mind pictures magnificent jewels …

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How to tell if diamond is real

How to Tell if Your Diamonds Are Real

Diamonds, be it colorless or colored, are all assets to be admired. They are so rare, mesmerizing, and breathtaking…

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Mines To Market: How Colored Diamonds are Produced

Diamonds take millions of years to make and can even be dated back to over 1 billion years ago! Geologists …

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Historic Diamonds

Dresden Green Diamond

The Dresden Green: The Most Historic Green Diamond

The Dresden Green is a truly magnificent pear cut diamond with shaping characteristics such as general facet, small table, and large …

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The Hope Blue Diamond: Origin, Legacy, and Curse

When someone says, “the most famous diamond in the world,” what is the first diamond that you think of? Odds …

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Diamond Cut

The cut of colored diamonds plays a very significant role as it is what ultimately brings out the beauty of their natural hue.

Diamond Color

Diamond color evaluation is based on the absence of color. A clear diamond must have absolutely no hue. For this to happen, the stone must be chemically pure and structurally perfect.

Diamond Clarity

Clarity of a diamond represents its “cleanliness” as it grades the existence (or lack thereof) of various internal or external flaws on the stone’s body

Diamond Carat

Carat represents the weight of the diamond in carats. Similar to clear stones, the larger the carat size, the rarer the diamond (and therefore, the more valuable and sought after it is.)